Madi Fernandez
Hi there! For those dropping by who are interested in getting involved with The Playground Acting Program, allow me to fully convince you! Yes, The Playground is an absolutely wonderful place to get plugged in for theatre! The exercises and lessons learned in the curriculum are immersive and detailed, this is not your normal acting program. The Playground moves away from how surface level children's theatre can be and challenges it's students to find their voices and discover who they are as artists. Something that I sincerely appreciate about the program is Alysia's strive to relate the world of theatre to everyday life. She uses her lessons to draw conclusions from the class on how it ties into something at home, or maybe how we can use these methods to better solve a problem we face in our everyday. Alysia, the founder of the program, is an incredibly impactful instructor. I have had the pleasure of learning under her and have also gotten to watch her impart her knowledge on other students and allow me to just say, it is incredibly rewarding to get to see her passion drive her to make the world around her a brighter place. She is well trained in the world of theatre and therefore offers a well-rounded curriculum that not only teaches your kids how to be a better actor, but also how to love the world of art and everything it encompasses.
Cole Rusin
Check them out! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Top of the line instructors and a personalized experience. Highly would recommend to anyone who’s ever considered taking an acting class, now is the perfect opportunity to!! There’s so much to learn and a lot of fun to be had don’t miss out on such a great program. Also be sure to share this to anyone else you know that may be interested. We’re all artists!!
Chelsey Boothney
Alysia is a natural actor and educator. She is fun, personable, and lights up the room. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone interested in acting!
Gage Daniel Picotte
Alysia is very passionate about teaching her students. Her lessons are super fun and very informative. If you have the opportunity to take one of her classes, I highly recommend it!
Tiffany Giakoumas
Hi I'm Hailey! I never knew my intense passion for Stage Management until the end of my freshman year, and I really do owe it all to one very special person. Alysia Giakoumas came up to me one day out of the blew at age 14, and explained that she had been observing me and realized that I would do well in a Stage Management position. As usual, I doubt myself and was scared to attempt something so massive, especially as a freshman. She then offered me the position as Assistant Stage Manager of a showcase that was going on at school. I was genuinely scared to try something so new, but I accepted the offer and decided to give it a try. That was the best decision I have made in my life. The current night that I am writing this is night I am stage managing my 4th show. She introduced me to this incredible position and I’ve been hooked ever since. Because of Alysia, I am able to do what I love every single day. She is the best example of a role model and an inspiring leader. Her incredible characteristics and talents have molded her into an amazing, charming young women. I really owe everything to her.
“Hello, my name is Tharmella Nyahoza, today I will be performing a monologue from Romeo and Juliet as the character Juliet, by William Shakespeare, Thank you.” This is called a slate. One of the first things you learn in Acting 1 or in my case, by Alysia Giakoumas. I was 14 when I met her. Alysia taught me that when I am performing, I am not throwing away Tharmella, I am simply being Tharmella in the characters situation. Upon the many cases that Alysia has inspired and trained me; She encouraged me to work hard for everything, as she worked tirelessly as our thespian president. One of the most special experiences I was honored to have was getting chosen to have Alysia as my mentor for our Rising Stars showcase. She coached myself and another girl with our monologues and drove the truth and tears out of us in each rehearsal. Alysia has a genuine heart and love for people and I felt that within every rehearsal. During our first rehearsal, she took time to go through my monologue and broke it down piece by piece with me and helped me bring out my truth within this monologue. Before working with her I had my own preconceived ideas and thoughts for how I wanted this piece to look like, but she challenged me and pushed me to strip away my assumptions and helped me bring out honest emotion, tactics, and objectives for this character. Our last rehearsal, though I know Alysia was a very busy girl, invited my friend and I over to her house, bought us food, and helped bring a sense of true comfort to let us know, this is a safe place to work, and speak our truth within the character. I have many fond memories of Alysia, training, encouraging and inspiring me throughout the time I had with her before she moved to Dallas, Texas to pursue Acting. I appreciate Alysia for all she has done and thank her for being a continuous role model, enormous joy, and an incredible mentor and friend.
Hi, my name is Naomi Vazquez. I was 11 years old when Alysia and I met and began working on a showcase in her drama club. She had a passion for teaching students that I've never seen before. She interacts with everyone as well as making sure that we understand the martial of what we are going to be acting. In the summer of 2015, I was at Summer camp and I met Alysia there. She created a drama club and encouraged anybody who wanted to join to come. Every kid that came was so excited. She showed us so many things I had never learned before. What I learned from her classes is to let people in, always think outside of the box, and to always be kind to others! She left such a positive vibe on everyone. I can honestly say that she’s one of the most understanding and spectacular teachers I’ve ever met. If I was ever feeling upset or looking upset, she would always be there to ask what was wrong and give the most amazing advice and make me feel better. In general she's just an amazing person! To this day me and her still continue to talk. She inspired me to do acting. Alysia is the best person you could ever have in your life. You are definitely missing out if she is not in your life. I’m currently 15 and still love to work in theatre , If it wasn't for her I would have missed out on how much fun acting is. I have Alysia to thank for the best experience in my theatre training. I hope every student that has the opportunity to work with her has the best time with her like I did !